Cabinetworx’s range of built-in robes is specifically designed to suit everyone’s individual needs and style, without sacrificing storage space. We’ve installed thousands of wardrobes in homes all over Victoria. We take pride in only offering high-quality Australian made wardrobes. We offer a variety of designs and styles to choose from to ensure you find the best fit for you and your bedroom.


This is our most commonly purchased build-in robe design. The Edinburgh design can be customised to fit your available space and colour scheme. 

Robes shelving Edinburgh design for built-in robes        design your wardrobe


Designs for small wardrobes 


wardrobe Fitzroy design built-in robedesign your wardrobe

The Fitzroy design is one of the smaller wardrobes. This design features three equal height drawers and adjustable shelves. You have the option of ordering either a mirror or laminated sliding doors. Like all our wardrobes, this design is cut and made based on your space and colour theme.



wardrobe design Fitzroy for built-in robesdesign your wardrobe

The Preston Design is very similar to the Fitzroy, with the addition of more colour options and a mirror or laminated sliding door. The Preston design is designed to fit your space and colour palate.


Designs for medium wardrobes 


wardrobe Parkhill design built-in robesdesign your wardrobe

If you like the look of Fitzroy and Preston but have a mid-sized wardrobe, our Parkhill design is right up your alley. The Parkhill design is just like the two smaller wardrobe options, but with more shelving for better organisation. The Parkhill design can also be ordered with a sliding door that can either be laminated or mirrored. 


Designs for large wardrobes

YARRA Design 

wardrobe Yarra design built-in robesdesign your wardrobe

The Yarra design is one of our more common designs for larger wardrobes. This design features three equal height drawers, adjustable shelving and shelf support. Like our small and medium wardrobe designs, you can add a sliding mirror or laminated door to your Yarra design. 



wardrobe Richmond design built-in robedesign your wardrobe

The Richmond design is your answer for all your organisational needs. The Richmond offers even more shelving for your wardrobe, ensuring that all your things will have their own place. You can also order your Richmond design with a sliding laminated door or mirror.


St. KILDA Design 

wardrobe St. Kilda design built-in robedesign your wardrobe

If you’re someone who prefers to hang their clothes, the St. Kilda design is for you. Similar to the Yarra and Richmond design, except with more hanging space. St. Kilda also offers three equal high drawers and adjustable shelves.


Whether you’re on the hunt for a luxury walk-in or functional built-in wardrobe design, CabinetworX can help. If you’re not sure which wardrobe design works best for you, our friendly team is more than happy to solve your storage problems. When you choose a Cabinetworx built-in robe design, you’ll have the peace of mind that they’re built to last. Starting a new renovation project? Check out our blog for any design inspiration and tips. For any questions and advice regarding our flatpacks, you can contact the team on 1800 003 456 or