Custom Built in Wardrobe

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Say goodbye to clutter and hello to sleek organization with our custom-built wardrobes and clever organisers. Whether you crave a modern touch or timeless elegance, our craftsmen create bespoke solutions tailored to your style and wardrobe space.Maximize every inch of your room with our inbuilt wardrobes, seamlessly integrating storage without sacrificing aesthetics. Keep your closet chaos-free with adjustable shelves and specialised cabinets compartments in our wardrobe inserts.Short on space? Our easy-to-assemble wardrobe flatpacks offer convenience without compromising quality. Upgrade your storage game today with our comprehensive solutions. Contact us for a consultation and transform your home. Contact us

Built In Wardrobe- EDINBURGH Design

  Price Starting From:   $260.00


Introducing our Wardrobe Flatpack, a versatile solution for your storage needs.

Crafted with customizable sizes and materials, including vibrant Australian-made colors,

This wardrobe offers both functionality and style.

Our wardrobe organizer, featuring a convenient pigeon hole shelf, ensures easy storage for accessories and shoes.

With our Wardrobe Insert, tailored to fit your space and style preferences.

you can create a personalized storage solution that perfectly suits you. Plus.

This is a basic design, making it easy to adapt and customize to your liking.

3D view wardrobe Built in       Basic wardrobe and shelf 

 wardrobe built in plan        built in wardrobe idea

wardrobe built in

Available Colors:


Bodega Oak  

Tassi oak       Tassi-Oak Wardrobe built in

Grey Stone    Grey Stone-Wardrobe built in

 Bliss Shitak   Bliss Shitek  Wardrobe builtin

 Black Texture Black-Built in Wardrobe