Base Cabinets


When it comes to kitchen renovation, base cabinets are a very popular choice. At CabinetworX we know how important it is to have plenty of choices to choose from, which is why we offer a vast selection of base cabinets for you to choose from! 

We know that planning and DIY-ing your own kitchen can be exciting, time-consuming and sometimes even overwhelming. To make sure your kitchen renovation is as seamless as possible, we’ve made it our top priority that you aren’t stuck for choices. With our range of flat pack sizes and styles to choose from, finding the perfect kitchen cabinet flat pack has never been more simple and affordable!


Our Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Designs 

All CabinetworX flat pack cabinets include adjustable legs for easy levelling and are pre-screwed for easy DIY assembly.

 These cabinets are ideal for your kitchen and laundry room


Base Single Left Door Cabinet

flat pack base cabinet single left doordesign your wardrobe

Base Single Right Door Cabinet

flat pack base cabinet single right doordesign your wardrobe


Base Double Door Cabinet

flat pack base cabinet double doordesign your wardrobe


Base Pull Out Door Cabinet

flat pack base cabinet pull out doordesign your wardrobe

Looking for design inspiration? Check out our blog for your source of DIY tips and renovation ideas. Or come pop by our showroom to speak to our experts and get a walkthrough of our different kitchens, pantries, laundries, and vanity units for more design insights. 

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