Price Adjustment Notice


Dear Valued Customers,


As these continue to be extremely challenging times due to the COVID pandemic, our team appreciates your ongoing support and understanding as we seek to meet your expectations and to supply as best as we can across all customers' ranges.

Although, as with many segments of the market, many efforts have been made to absorb the current global cost increases in raw materials and escalating freight charges as long as possible, as a business, we have no choice but to put through a price increase on our end product. The increase helps us ensure our commitment to providing the best quality products, and services for our customers and will come into effect from the 1st of August to give you adequate notice to manage and incorporate this change accordingly. 

Therefore, from the 1st of August, we are going to have a 5-15% price increment across some products and services which we provide through our online platform.

We greatly appreciate your continued business and support. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this price change, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on 1800003456 or email us at


Yours Sincerely,

CabinetWorX Management